Cullen rejoins Democratic caucus

Cullen was out for three days
Wisconsin State Capitol Building

State Sen. Tim Cullen will return to the state Senate Democratic caucus three days after a “little squabble” caused him to leave.

Cullen, who represents the 15th Senate District, announced on Tuesday that he would no longer meet with Democrats and was considering becoming an independent. The senator felt snubbed by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mark Miller when he did not get the committee chairmanship he wanted.

The men announced Friday that Cullen will return to the party after Miller created two new special committees on mining and venture capital for Cullen to chair.

“The important thing isn’t how we got here today, but that we got here today and I’m very pleased and Senator Miller is very pleased,” said Cullen. “I’m pleased he’s the leader, I’m pleased to be in the caucus and now we go forward on the substance of why I came back to the Senate and that’s where I want to spend my time and now I have the chance to do that the rest of this year.”

Cullen’s return means that the Democratic Party will have a two-vote majority. However, November elections will determine which party holds the Senate starting in 2013.