Crude oil leak sealed in Watertown train derailment, 35 homes evacuated

Evacuated residents put up in hotels for the night

Thirty-five families remain evacuated after a trail derailment in Watertown on Sunday.

Thirteen out of the 100 rail cars went off the tracks at 2:04 p.m. Sunday. Canadian Pacific said there are no reports of fires or injuries from the incident.

The train was carrying crude oil when it left the tracks. Canadian Pacific said a preliminary report shows less than 1,000 gallons spilled from one of the rail cars.

The company says all of the spilled oil was contained and siphoned off. The tanker that spilled was removed Monday afternoon. The tanker will be emptied and disassembled at the site.

Safety Investigator for the State Railroad Commissioner Tom Clauder told News 3 he does not believe there are any environmental concerns.

Clauder also said about an hour before this derailment, an Amtrak passenger train headed to Chicago rolled through the same line.

The Federal Railroad Administration along with Canadian Pacific contractors are on the scene investigating the accident.

Neighbors said they heard metal on metal when the accident happened.

“We just heard this big crashing noise. We came outside, we walked up there and saw the train was knocked over,” said Ryan Viedma, a resident of Watertown.

“It was a screech at first,” said Watertown resident Justin Duerr. “About three seconds after that, it was a boom, that was about it. Could actually see the curtains in the window shake.”

The accident prompted authorities to evacuate 35 homes in the areas of Lafayette, Montgomery and West Streets as well as County Aire Court. Crews say those residents cannot return home for the night as they continue to clean up.

Canadian Pacific reserved hotel rooms for those evacuated through Monday morning.

Authorities said residents can contact Watertown Dispatch at 920-261-6660 for more information on when they they can return home.