CrossFit staff install finishing touches to ready Alliant for 2022 Games

MADISON, Wis. – On the heels of the Dane County Fair, staff are working on the finishing touches to turn the Alliant Energy into the perfect venue for the 2022 CrossFit Games.

For the fifth year in a row Madison is playing host to the competition which brings in hundreds of athletes from over 50 countries to compete for the title Fittest on Earth.

CrossFit’s Director of Sports Operations Heather Lawrence said unlike a typical sporting event the competitions are different every year and that means so is the set up.

“It’s incredible what this staff pulls together,” Lawrence said. “With CrossFit, we may set up a field, use certain equipment, have a certain amount of time and movements and then never do that again.”

Two weeks before the games were even set to begin, staff built bleachers, competition flooring and brought in equipment not just for the athletes but for spectators too they installed an entire gym.

It’s a lot of work that Destination Madison’s Vice President Jamie Patrick said really pays off in a big way for the Madison area bringing in an extra $12 million–over 400 athletes and thousands of their fans ready to spend some time and money on this Isthmus.

“You see people here even a week before the games getting prepped and acclimated to the Madison temperature and food and all that,” he said “Then the fans start flooding in later filling our restaurants and our hotels and just generally being active members of our community.”

Patrick also said Destination Madison does a lot to make the CrossFit crowd feel welcome by helping with operations, promotion and even supply any unusual equipment they might need–something that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Madison has just been a perfect home,” Lawrence said. “It’s everything about the hospitality in every restaurant, it’s hotel staff that make our athletes from around the world feel welcome including our staff.”

The games are set to kickoff Wednesday and CBS will have live coverage of the biggest competition on Sunday from noon to two.

For the first time this year the games will also host one competition on the Capitol Square Friday morning.