Crops bounce back due to hot, humid weather

Crops bounce back due to hot, humid weather

Agriculture experts are saying that the hot and humid weather this summer is helping crops that were planted late this year.

The rainy weather this spring caused farmers to plant later than usual, raising concerns among farmers and experts.

Despite the worries, the numbers show that the hot and humid weather that the Midwest has experienced this summer is benefiting crop growth. According to the Department of Agriculture, 97 percent of Wisconsin’s soybeans have emerged, and 84 percent of the state’s corn crops are in the “good to excellent” range.

“Corn loves this weather. You and I suffer, but corn loves it,” said Mark Stephenson, the director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The corn has really grown like crazy over the last few weeks. If you notice, in the fields as you drive by, they are feet taller than they were a few weeks ago.”

Though prospects are looking up, the growing season is still going and the total impact the summer’s weather will have is not yet entirely clear.