‘Like Romeo and Juliet’: Complaint reveals new details on DeForest man’s alleged plan to kill girl, self

DEFOREST, Wis. — A criminal complaint lays out new details in the case of a DeForest man now facing multiple attempted homicide charges in the wake of his arrest earlier this year and re-arrest earlier this week.

Gabriel Savage, 19, appeared in court Friday afternoon two days after being booked in the Dane County Jail on stiffer charges, including four counts of attempted first-degree homicide. In March, police in DeForest arrested Savage after finding him sitting in a vehicle near a female acquaintance’s home with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a semi-automatic rifle and handcuffs.

Following his arrest, he was charged in April with attempted kidnapping and stalking. Court records show he posted a $10,000 bond Wednesday; police re-arrested him on the new charges at his home later that day.

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According to the latest criminal complaint, Savage’s younger brother sent a message in a group chat on Monday morning asking for information on how to contact another person by the initials TP related to Savage’s case. Savage’s brother said Savage had another notebook in which, the brother believed, Savage threatened to kill a different female and her family.

That message reportedly read:

@everyone sorry for @ing the whole server, but does anyone have the ability to text [TP]? (edited) Gabe (the defendant) had another notebook that stated that he was planning to kill the girl, her whole family, and himself. Somebody should let [TP’s first name] know that, cuz Gabe’s currently out on bail, and he’s trying to buy mace.

The complaint said police later learned the threat was to the initial female acquaintance and her family and that there was no threat to the family Savage’s brother believed to be written in the notebook.

The female acquaintance’s younger brother, who was a member of the group chat, showed the group message to police, who went to Savage’s parents’ home in Wisconsin Dells to get the notebook.

The complaint said that notebook contained a manifesto written by Savage. Near the end of the manifesto, Savage reportedly wrote he planned to shoot and kill the female acquaintance’s family, rape her or her corpse, as well as her 14-year-old sister, before killing himself while lying next to her “like Romeo and Juliet.”

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Police talked to the female acquaintance and her family about the new revelations. The complaint said the family has been fearful of Savage since his arrest and discussed leaving the state after he posted bail and was released from jail.

During an initial appearance Friday afternoon, the court entered a not guilty plea on Savage’s behalf as to any misdemeanor charges. They also set Savage’s cash bond at $100,000 with a number of conditions, including GPS monitoring and being prohibited from possessing any dangerous weapons.

Jail records show he is still behind bars as of Friday afternoon.

A preliminary hearing is set for July 5 in the case.