Crews cut ice for Polar Plunge in La Crosse

Ice on Mississippi river 6 inches thicker than last year
Crews cut ice for Polar Plunge in La Crosse

Crews were out at Pettibone Beach Friday morning cutting the ice on the Mississippi River to get ready for Saturday’s Coulee Region Polar Plunge.

The ice is 20 inches thick. Last year it was 14 inches thick.

Crews had to come up with a plan to keep the ice from reforming overnight.

“This year the Parks Department got some aerators because it is going to be so cold tonight,” said Polar Plunge Board Member Chuck Frandsen. “We were afraid it might get 2 or 3 inches of ice. So they are going to put some aerators in when we are done cutting today. And hopefully that will … keep the water moving enough that it stays open.”

The Coulee Region Polar Plunge raises money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. It’s not too late to register. Registration is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. To take the plunge, each participant must raise a minimum of $75.