Crescendo starts roasting own beans with new zero emissions roaster

Medium roast coffee will be Crescendo's own beans
Crescendo starts roasting own beans with new zero emissions roaster
Photo by Paul Sirianni

Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe is now roasting its own coffee using a nontraditional Bellwether Roaster, the first being used in Wisconsin.

According to a release, the Bellweather Roaster is a zero emissions roaster controlled by an iPad for consistent roasts. Crescendo’s roaster is the first in Wisconsin and one of the few in the Midwest.

Crescendo has been using coffee from Anodyne Coffee Roasters for the past six years. As of now, Crescendo will start with a medium roast Ethiopian coffee served on drip at both the Monroe Street and Hilldale locations.

The coffee roasting process will happen at the Monroe Street location. Each batch holds up to 7 pounds of green coffee and takes about 15 minutes to roast.

“We were not sure when, if ever, a roasting operation would be possible for us,” owner Cait Sirianni says. “So not only to be embarking on this journey, but to be able to do it in such an innovative and exciting way makes it that much more special for us and our business.”

All of the coffees roasted by Crescendo will be served at both locations and at mobile bar events. The release says they hope to sell the beans by the bag for whole bean sales as well.

“Roasting their own beans will serve as opportunity to build their own coffee profile brand, strengthen connections with their customers through their product, use a more sustainable roasting technology and directly tip the farmer that grows their beans,” the release says.