Cream in Wisconsin puffs from Illinois co-op

Ill. company wins contract after Gold Guernsey went ouf of business
Cream in Wisconsin puffs from Illinois co-op
Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair goers may be surprised to learn the main ingredient in a favorite fair treat no longer comes from the dairy state.

The Wisconsin Bakers’ Association has turned to an Illinois company to provide the cream that makes the fair’s cream puffs so popular. Prairie Farms Dairy of Carlinville, Ill., won a contract to supply the cream after Golden Guernsey went out of business in Wisconsin.

The Bakers’ Association found no Wisconsin company could handle the daily demand of 1,200 gallons of cream.

State Fair spokeswoman Kristi Chuckel tells WISN-TV Prairie Farms has pledged to work with Wisconsin dairy farms to supply the cream. But, for fairgoer Jeff Fink, it just leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Fink equates it to the Packers moving to Illinois. He says “there’s something just not right about it.”