COVID-19 poster project showcases Wisconsin artists

Wisconsin historical museum
Wikimedia Commons

To address the coronavirus through public information posters, the Wisconsin Historical Society has commissioned 10 Wisconsin artists to create new public information posters based on existing historic posters in the collection.

According to a release, posters have been a part of history for a long time. The posters typically inspired the public to take action in some way. During World War I and World War II, the posters aimed to boost volunteerism on the home front.

“Art can heal and bring communities together as well as influence public action, which can save lives,” Christian Overland, Ruth and Hartley Barker director & CEO of the Wisconsin Historical Society, says. “Through this project we look forward to highlighting Wisconsin artists while also using historic public information posters to inspire and promote change and response in our current environment.”

The first poster called “Shelter in Place” was created by Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman.

The Wisconsin Historical Society will share the posters through social media and at

Individuals are also able to create their own public information posters at home using a template and lesson plan.

The poster project is a part of the Big History is Happening initiative, which aims to address and respond to the pandemic.