Court: Gannett not liable for newspaper carrier’s driving

Court: Gannett not liable for newspaper carrier’s driving

A state appeals court says media giant Gannett isn’t responsible for injuries one of its carriers allegedly caused in a traffic accident.

According to court documents, Gannett carrier Mark Reisen was delivering papers in Manitowoc County on Thanksgiving Day in 2014 when his truck crashed into a vehicle, injuring Maranda Lafrombois.

Lafrombois sued Gannett, arguing the company was liable for Reisen’s driving. A circuit judge sided with Gannett, finding that the company wasn’t liable because Reisen was an independent contractor.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that Gannett had limited control over parts of Reisen’s job but he was still an independent contractor at the time of the crash and employers generally aren’t liable for independent contractors’ actions.

Lafrombois’ attorney didn’t immediately reply to an email.