Couple steals from Walmart, arrested when they return for more

Couple steals from Walmart, arrested when they return for more
Debra Terwilliger, Brian Boyer

Black River Falls police arrested a couple from Clark County for stealing $1,834 in store merchandise from the Walmart on Highway 54 on January 28.

The Walmart store manager called the Black River Falls Police Department at about 8 p.m. to report suspicious people who appeared to have loaded their vehicle with a large amount of store merchandise without paying for it. The store manager was able to write down the suspects’ van license plate number before they drove away.

A police officer was meeting with asset protection staff and reviewed surveillance video of the incident and then met outside the store with the store manager. The manger then noticed the suspects’ van was entering the parking lot again. The manager said he would watch them as they entered the store. Meanwhile, the responding police officer was in a discreet area of the parking lot to observe the vehicle and wait for the suspects.

The officer noticed the store manager walking out of Walmart behind a man that was pushing a store shopping cart loaded with merchandise. When the manager tried to talk to 31-year-old Brian Boyer, he took off running across the parking lot. The officer turned on his squad lights and chased Boyer down through the parking lot as he stopped running and surrendered.

The officer also arrested 53-year-old Debra Terwilliger who police said was also involved in the incident. Terwilliger and Boyer were transported to the Jackson County Jail and held on felony counts of retail theft.

Black River Falls police recovered 143 items in the suspects’ van that totaled $1,834. Four shopping carts full of property were returned to the store from the suspects’ van. The 20-year police veteran of the Black River Falls Police Department who arrested the suspects said this was the largest amount of items he has ever seen someone attempt to shoplift.