Couple out $80,000 in grandparent scam, police say

Couple out $80,000 in grandparent scam, police say

A Madison couple was scammed out of more than $80,000 by callers claiming to be their grandson, according to a release.

The husband and wife, who are in their 80s, received several tearful calls from someone pretending to be their grandson, and who had handed the phone off to someone claiming to be a police officer, officials said.

The couple was told the grandson had been a passenger in a car where drugs were found, and that money was needed for bail and legal fees, according to the release.

The caller asked the victims not to tell anyone else about the situation because he didn’t want his parents to know, police said.

An employee at the couple’s credit union contacted police this week after getting the feeling something wasn’t right with the transactions the couple was sending, according to the release.

An investigating officer told the couple not to send any more money to the address they had been given in Michigan, and a financial crimes detective will be investigating.