Couple arrested on suspicion of using fake credit card

Accused of trying to withdraw money from Madison bank
Couple arrested on suspicion of using fake credit card

Two people were arrested Thursday afternoon, accused of attempting to use a fake credit card to get cash from a Madison bank.

According to a Madison police report, Dangelo Chester, 24, and Darren Jackson, 18, both of Chicago, were arrested after trying to withdraw $2,500 from the Chase bank at 22 E. Mifflin Street.

The teller told a colleague to call 911 after an alert was triggered when the couple tried using a fraudulent Discover card to receive money, according to the report.

The teller told police the card was also suspicious. There was no signature or security number and the card reader could not read the magnetic strip. 

According to the report, Jackson denied knowing Chester upon arrest, but when police asked Chester who she was, he said she was “his girl.”

Jackson later affirmed she had made the trip from Chicago with Chester. 

Both were taken to jail. Chester was arrested for attempted fraud of a financial institution and forgery of a financial transaction card. Jackson was arrested for being a party to the same crime, according to the report.