Council votes to restore funds for stray cat program

City of Janesville will be able to keep contract with humane society
Council votes to restore funds for stray cat program

Janesville city leaders voted to bring back money to a program geared toward helping the stray cat population.

After taking a second look at city finances and hearing the concerns from community members, Janesville City Council members agreed that stray cats in the area still need a place to call home, and that’s at the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

“It’s what we expected of our community, and it is just great to know that people care,” said Bret Frazier, executive director of the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

After the city council originally voted to end the program, stray cats will have a warm place to stay because the city council voted to restore the $60,000 in funding to keep their contract with the humane society.

“If we had lost this funding it was hard to imagine how our organization would look and function and stay afloat,” Frazier said.

The shelter has had over 1,000 adoptions this year, and 400 of them were in Janesville.

Proposed cuts meant city employees and residents wouldn’t have been able to take stray cats to the shelter free of charge.

“I think there was a real desire for all the council members to see if we could restore that funding back to the budget for the humane society,” Janesville City Council President DuWayne Severson said.

The council voted to restore the funding after learning the city had originally over-budgeted for some items. Now with the program back in action, council members are looking to offset the costs in the future by using the humane society as an agent for pet registration and licenses.

“That will help fund the funding for the humane society, so it’s a win-win both for the city and for the humane society,” Severson said.

The city council will vote on the budget Nov. 24.