Council approves opt-out policy for new water meters

Residents can pay more to have meters outside of home
Council approves opt-out policy for new water meters

The Madison Common Council on Tuesday decided to approve an opt-out policy for new smart water meters for those who don’t want them.

The city has been installing the new electronic water meters for a little while now. Homes on the city’s north side already have them.

But a number of people have said that the meters emit radiation and are bad for human health.

The council on Tuesday approved a way to still get monthly readings without having the electronic water meters inside a resident’s home. Residents have the option to pay an extra $50 to have the meter outside.

And if people don’t want the smart water meter on their property, they will have to pay $8 a month to have someone come out and check their readings.

“The smart water meter policy appears to be cobbled together in response to citizens’ criticisms after procedures for installation were instituted. That is poor public policy,” said Diane Michalski Turner, a resident concerned about the new meters.

Crews are working their way through the city, installing the smart meters.

The council’s vote approved the policy and submitted it to the state Public Service Commission, which has the final say over the proposal.

Residents who want to opt-out must call the opt-out line at 608-264-5323.