Conversation on inequality must include income gap

Conversation on inequality must include income gap
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As virtually every American is once again confronted with the issues of race and civil rights and justice and equality, it is important we don’t lose sight of the all of the crucial components of those issues.

Among other things, the national dialogue, especially in Washington, seems to preclude the ability to do more than one thing at a time. And there are so many ingredients to our problems, including the growing income gap.

That gap, the growing disparity between the very wealthy and the vast majority of citizens in the United States underlies a big chunk of the divisiveness that we are suffering.

A new report by the Wisconsin Budget Project and Center on Wisconsin Strategy finds the income gap at near record levels, hurting Wisconsin families, communities and businesses. Elements include low wages, access to health care, family supports including child care and tax equity.

If it’s too hard to grasp the significance of this gap in our struggles with race it should at least be front and center in the Foxconn discussion.