Tonight at 10: Why Madison schools are changing the way they teach reading

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin students are falling behind readers in other states. Data from 1994 shows that Wisconsin was third best in the country, but the most recent ranking shows the state coming in 34th.

Many believe this is because of the way reading is taught.

Teachers across the country have been trained to tell young readers that when they come to a word they don't know to look for cues in pictures, guess the word, skip it or replace it.

The Madison Metropolitan School District, along many other Wisconsin school districts, have been using this technique for years, but experts say the focus should be on the sounds that make up a word. MMSD said it is now acknowledging that research and is working to change.

Tonight on News 3 Now at 10, we'll take a look at why other states that are embracing the science of reading are passing Wisconsin, as well as the frustration this is causing for a local family.  


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