Charlotte Deleste's 2017 family journey

Since Charlotte views social media as her direct connection with her community, she also shares her own family’s journey; the highs and lows of raising a child with special needs, telling it like it is and showing an un-photoshopped/raw/real inside look. She used social media in January 2017 to announce an extended leave of absence for her son’s surgery to reconstruct his feet and legs, therefore giving him the ability to walk better. That post resulted in more than 38,000 views, 111 shares, and more than 1000 reactions.

And after nearly 7 weeks of not being able to put pressure on his legs, Charlotte helped her son walk for the first time.

She also uses social media to bring awareness to topics that aren’t talked about too much, and bring attention to childhood medical issues that rarely are spoken about.

Charlotte understands that as a journalist, she can give a voice to the voiceless, not only reporting on TV but also talking about issues on social platforms.


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