Consumer Reports: The next big thing – OLED TV

Consumer Reports: The next big thing – OLED TV

The latest in television technology is called OLED. It stands for organic light-emitting diodes. Organic refers to the layer of carbon film, which emits light when hit with an electric current.

The head of Consumer Reports television testing says it’s the best display technology out there, combining the best features of plasmas and LCDs. It has the deep black levels and unlimited viewing angles of top plasmas. At the same time it delivers on the power efficiency, super-thin bezel design and also the bright picture of LCD TVs.

OLED TVs started out very expensive. The first one that Consumer Reports tested last year was $10,000. Others were even more. But prices are coming down. The LG that’s now in Consumer Reports’ lab is $3,500.

Consumer Reports TV experts say they expect to see continued improvements in OLED technology, more manufacturers to enter the OLED TV business in the next year or so, and prices to continue to fall.

Also coming soon, the marriage of OLED and ultra high-definition television, which Consumer Reports expects will make a great picture even better. LG plans to start selling ultra high-def OLED sets this fall. But at this point, prices are astronomical. LG’s 65-inch set costs $10,000, and its 77-inch set will be $25,000.