Consumer Reports: Buying the best blender

Consumer Reports: Buying the best blender

Why wait for summer to break out the blender? In addition to crushing ice, blending piña coladas and measuring durability, Consumer Reports’ testers also puree soups.

“If you’re making soup in the winter or margaritas in the summer we want to know can this blender handle the task,” Consumer Reports’ Kimberly Janeway said.

And considering the price tags on some blenders, you’ll want to use them year-round, if not every day! Consumer Reports’ latest tests include blenders that cost as little as $40 all the way up to more than $600.

Not only are the price tags big but some of the blenders are quite large, too.

Before spending a lot of money on a new blender that may be bulky and expensive, make sure it’s worth the investment.