Construction crews race weather to complete E. Johnson project

Construction crews race weather to complete E. Johnson project

For months crews have worked 12-hour shifts six days a week to complete a major rebuild of East Johnson Street. The project is scheduled for completion on Nov. 15. Standing between construction crews and that completion date are snow and cold.

According to Glenn Yoeger, a project engineer for the city of Madison, asphalt paving on East Johnson is nearly complete. He said any remaining paving work will be finished this weekend in advance of the changing weather.

The month’s-long construction project has been challenging for merchants trying to do business along East Johnson. They have dealt with the congestion and loss of parking that the project inherently brings.

“There’s been lots of noise, lots of vibration, lots of dirt on our floors, not a whole lot of parking. We’ve been slower obviously,” said Gwen Johnson, owner of Johnson Public House.

The $11 million project replaced water, sewer and storm sewer lines. New gutters, curbs and sidewalks are part of the project.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration is being planned for Nov. 15 to mark the scheduled completion of the project. Yoeger said the crews will do everything possible to finish the project in time.

Once the asphalt paving is completed, pavement markings must be put down. If the weather does not permit the placement of permanent markings, temporary markings will be used. Concrete sidewalks are scheduled to be poured next week, as is landscaping work.

Once the asphalt paving is completed and pavement markings are in place Yoeger said the barricades will be removed and parking will more readily available.

Snow and rain are in the forecast for Madison Monday to be followed by cold temperatures.