Construction blues hits southern Wisconsin

WisDOT: Summer has seen above average amount of projects
Construction blues hits southern Wisconsin

The construction blues seems to be contagious around southern Wisconsin with so many construction zones taking over busy roads, and commuters said the traffic is taking its toll.

“There are a lot of orange barrels and there are probably at least around three construction zones that I drive through to get to work each day, so it is frustrating that it’s hard to avoid it,” Melissa Buddie said.

Buddie only works seven blocks from her home, but she said it’s not only the construction that’s making it hard to get around, it’s the drivers she has to worry about.

“Some of the spots it’s just a little scary. I’m driving on the wrong side of the road because of a lane closure and I get nervous that maybe someone is going to make a sharp turn and hit me.
So I have to be more aware while driving,” Buddie said.

It’s a concern that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said they want all drivers to be aware of.

“We continue to urge motorist to be patient, use alternate routes, slowdown in work zones. It remains the case that the biggest problems that we have in work zones are related to speeding and tailgating and distracted driving,” said Michael Bie, Southwest Region Communication Manager for the WisDOT.

Bie said this summer has brought an above average amount of projects to roadways, but he said there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“There is a great deal of construction activity taking place this summer, perhaps more than ever before. The good news is we’re making good progress on all of the projects despite some of the rain events that have happened recently,” Bie said.

Despite construction projects remaining on target, residents in Dane County said they’re ready to reclaim their roadways.

“I’m actually glad that it’s all going on at once, because the hope is that as soon as it’s over it will be all complete,” motorist Denes Veres said.

The WisDOT encourages motorists to check the 511 traffic system to stay up to date with the latest closures and detours.