Congressman Pocan, Speaker Vos unite for ‘Stop the COVID Spread!’ ad

Pocan And Vos Unite For Stop The Covid Spread Ad
Screenshot from Working Together ad via "Stop the COVID Spread!" coalition

MADISON, Wis. — Congressman Mark Pocan and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have teamed up for a new public education announcement calling for bipartisan efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The ad is the fifth from the “Stop the COVID Spread!” coalition since it launched in October. More than 125 Wisconsin health care, business and advocacy organizations make up the coalition.

“Wisconsin needs unified responses to the COVID pandemic and aligning around a common message is critical,” said Eric Borgerding, President and CEO of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. “We’re grateful to Speaker Vos and Congressman Pocan for joining us to send the public a crucial message about working together to slow COVID’s spread.”

Nearly two weeks ago, Vos and other GOP legislators introduced their ideas for managing the COVID-19 crisis after seven months of legislative inaction. Gov. Tony Evers and GOP leaders met Nov. 20 to discuss COVID-19 relief. Representatives from both sides said the meeting was productive.

More information about the “Stop the COVID Spread!” coalition is available here.

Watch the full ad below.