Condemned mobile homes in Fitchburg to be demolished

FITCHBURG, Wis. — The City of Fitchburg has given the owners of a mobile home park on the city’s east side a deadline to demolish nearly a dozen homes deemed uninhabitable more than two years ago.

The mobile home park located on County Rd MM has nearly 50 units 11 of which were condemned by the city in April of 2019.

After a number of court proceedings a deadline of June 21st has been set for the owners to tear down the buildings themselves.

City officials said the owners have plans to remove five units on Tuesday but they’ll still need to remove the remaining six.

“What we’ve seen from this owner is they’re just not gonna do anything, not gonna do anything unfortunately holding their feet to the fire a little bit is what got them to move,” Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson said.

City inspectors and people whose homes neighbor those 11 units in the park have reported electrical and sewage issues, units caving in, piles of trash, and even rats.

“They’ve made zero repairs,” said Fitchburg’s Director of Building Inspection John Crook. “When we went into the units we had to mask up. It was so full of mold it was disgusting.”

According to Crook if the owners don’t meet the deadline then city officials will step in with a contractor they have on retainer.

“So then what we’ll do with that charge is we’ll put a lean on the property, just like a tax lien that they’ll have to pay at tax time,” he said.

Residents of the mobile park community who have maintained their own homes want to see those units gone just as much as the city.

“I’d like them to be gone and bought something nicer, you know,” said mobile park resident of 40 years, Jeanie Shea.

City officials also said they have no plans to get rid of the mobile park community altogether.

“It’s something that I want to keep in the city of Fitchburg,” said Richardson. “Right now homes are going for 400, 500 thousand dollars, that’s not affordable for everyone.”

Richardson also said he hopes once these units are removed the owners do a better job of maintaining the park and the safety of its residents.