Concussion goggles raise awareness of symptoms, treatment

Concussion goggles raise awareness of symptoms, treatment

The early retirement of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland has intensified the conversation about the issue surrounding concussions. While it has people talking about concussions, a Verona company is letting people experience them.

Innocorp has developed concussion goggles, a product that helps people gain a sense of what a concussion feels like and understand the symptoms.

“One thing you experience is the disconnect in vision right away. One eye will see one thing and the other eye will see another. What results is a sense of disorientation, confusion and if you keep wearing the goggles you will experience some nausea,” said Tim Jorgensen, who works in product development and support at Innocorp.

The concussion goggles are part of an education program that includes activities and educational materials that are used to raise awareness about concussion symptoms and the steps required to treat them.

Innocorp is hoping to make the actions required for treating a concussion easy to remember. Just as the actions required to deal with a fire are easily remembered — stop, drop and roll — the company is hoping “stop, tell and sit” will become synonymous with a concussion.

That means stop participating in the activity, tell someone and sit out of strenuous activity until a doctor says it is OK to continue.

Innocorp is marketing the concussion goggles to a variety of youth, high school and health organizations around the country.

“We have a variety of customers. We have school resource officers that want to get in the door early with kids. You know they don’t want to wait until fifth or sixth grade. This is a great opportunity for them to come in and do some helmet safety. Kids ride their bikes to school. It is a good way to bring that up,” said Deb Kusmec, product development manager and chief operating officer at Innocorp.

Concussions don’t just happen on the football field. They can happen everywhere from the playground to the home. That’s why the concussion goggles can be helpful to raise awareness about the symptoms and actions necessary to treat a concussion.

“It is a true accident. You can’t always prevent those, but it is important to know what to do if you experience that. And f it isn’t you, if it is your friend, take that interest and take that step to say, ‘Oh, you might have a concussion. Let’s go talk to somebody about it,'” Kusmec said.