Concerts on the Square #1: Accessories

Concerts on the Square #1: Accessories
The inaugural 2012 Concert on the Square, June 27th.

Picnic blankets abounded on the Capitol lawn last night for the inaugural 2012 Concert on the Square. For such a steamy June evening, Madisonians came out in huge numbers to enjoy food, friends, booze and tunes by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. Picnic season has officially begun and we want to ensure you make the most out of the season this year. Having the right accessories is the foundation to any good picnic and we saw plenty great ones last night.

One of the biggest nuisances about lawn picnics is finding stable surfaces to place a wine glass. They ultimately always tip, except when you have a peg sticking firmly in the ground that conveniently holds the wine glass. These stakes, sticks or whatever you want to call them are truly a must for wine drinkes at Concert on the Square. Tovolo, a great picnic accessory brand, also makes a wooden table with a stake that sticks in the ground and has a place for two wine glasses. This is perfect for a cheese or meat board and it looks classy. 

When packing a picnic it can be very easy to forget things. Corkscrews for the wine, forks for the pasta salad or salt and pepper shakers. Well you won’t have problems fogetting anything with these state-of-the-art picnic basket backpacks that have a compartment for everything you could ever need, even a space for your blanket. We spotted Amber and Christian Rickman with a backpack, laying open on the blanket, showing off all the compartmentalized picnic glory. The plus side, if there aren’t enough already, is that you carry this on your back, both hands free for whatever else you need.

Backpacks are great, but nothing says summertime picnic more than a wicker basket. Because picnickers have become so savvy, you can find great basets that also have great compartments for easy carrying and no hassle. Brian Miller bought one for his girlfriend, Stephanie Wilson because “it’s organized, but still very classy–just like my girlfriend.”