Complaint: Man who enticed girls to car said they were ‘acting like virgins’

Complaint: Man who enticed girls to car said they were ‘acting like virgins’

The man accused of enticing two 15-year-old girls to his car and driving them to his apartment where he gave them drugs and alcohol repeatedly told them they were “acting like virgins,” according to the criminal complaint.

Robert L. Story, 49, of Madison, is being charged with two counts of child enticement. Story admitted to officers that he knew the two girls he enticed to his car and drove to his apartment were only 15.

The girls told officials that they were inside Goodman Library when Story approached them. They said he asked them to look at his new car, and the girls went to check out the vehicle, according to officials.

At the car, Story talked about his stereo and asked the girls to get into the car to look at it and said that one of them had to sit in the front seat. The girls told officers that they felt uncomfortable and did not want to be in the car, according to the complaint.

The girls said Story asked them to shut the doors because he had the heat on, and when they did he locked the car. Then he put the car in reverse and told the girls he wanted to go to McDonald’s. He then asked how old the girls are and they told him 15, according to officials.

Story drove past the McDonald’s and instead stopped at the 7-Eleven on Todd Drive, where he went inside and left the girls locked in the car. The girls told officers they tried to unlock the car, but were unable to. One girl looked in the glove compartment for a gun or weapon, but only found candy inside, according to the complaint.

When Story returned, he drove the girls to an apartment complex on Ashford Lane. He asked the girls if they wanted to go in with him and the girls listed reasons why they did not want to go. The girls said he was insistent, almost angry and told them several times that he wasn’t “going to kill them.” Eventually the girls — who told officers they were scared — agreed to go inside the apartment with him, according to officials.

The girls said they told Story that they needed to be back at the library at 7:30 p.m. and pretended to text one of the girls’ mother, according to the complaint.

Story brought a marijuana cigarette into the bedroom and asked the girls if they wanted to smoke. Both girls said they did not want. to. Eventually, one of the girls did inhale the cigarette one time saying she thought, “If I do what he says until he lets me out, we’ll be fine,” according to the complaint.

Story then grabbed vodka and tea from the kitchen and poured a mixture into three small cups. Story encouraged the girls to drink, but they did not. At one point he spilled part of his drink across his lap, smiled at one of the girls and took the girl’s drink and drank it, according to officials.

The girls told officers that about five times Story asked if the girls were virgins, saying “You must be virgins, you’re scared.” he also told them he wanted them to sleep over. He called one the “cute chocolate girl” and the other the “cute light-skinned girl,” according to the complaint.

The girls said Story did not attempt to do anything sexual to them or himself, but that his questions made them uncomfortable, according to the complaint.

The girls said they lied to Story and told them they waited to go to one of the girls’ uncle’s house which they told him was nearby. Neither of the girls have an uncle that lives nearby, but hoped it would get them out of Story’s apartment, according to officials.

While the girls were trying to distract him by putting on their shoes, one of the girls said she tried to unlock the door, but Story saw her and relocked it. Story then agreed that the girls could go to the uncle’s house, but said he wanted to drive them, according to the complaint.

When the girls got into the hallway, he changed his mind and said he did not want to go anymore. The girls then walked down the stairwell, and once they were at the bottom of the stairs they started to run, according to officials.

The girls said while they were running, they noticed Story following them in his car. They ran up to some duplexes and extended to go inside, but Story waited outside of the duplexes. They then ran to the 7-Eleven, but Story was parked there and exiting his car. The girls then ran across the street to Silver Mine Subs, where they saw Story’s car pull up the the front window, but he did not go inside, according to the complaint.

Officers later found Story at the laundromat across the street from the 7-Eleven. Story admitted to taking the girls to his place and giving them alcohol and marijuana. He said he was not “a killer or a crazy person.” He told officers that he was older and that it was flattering that younger people were giving him attention, according to officials.