Complaint: Man who assaulted elderly woman in home had meth with him

Complaint: Man who assaulted elderly woman in home had meth with him

The man who was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assaulting a 78-year-old woman in her rural home had a clear smoking pipe, a small pink bag of methamphetamine, and an uncased needle and syringe on him, according to the criminal complaint.

Deputies found 33-year-old Joshua D. Radewan still in the victim’s home after the attack where he shouted “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me,” while he barricaded himself in her bedroom.

Police took Radewan into custody and took photos of the extensive damage to the home, which they estimate was well over $10,000. Furniture and a window were broken and Radewan was covered in dirt from a broken pot. Radewan also caused damage to the squad car, tearing open the seats, according to the complaint.

The woman had blood dripping down her chin and on the front of her nightgown when she talked to police. She said Radewan entered her home, hit her in the face and she knocked her head on something in the kitchen and living room. Police said her speech was affected by her swollen lip and she was visibly shaken from the assault.

After the attack, she ran to her daughter’s house where she called police to report the home invasion. She ended up needing three stitches.

Radewan is charged with aggravated battery of an elderly person, felony criminal damage property, criminal trespassing, possession of methamphetamine, obstructing an officer, possession of drg paraphernalia and criminal damage to property.

Radewan was in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.