Complaint: Man shot, killed while accompanying girlfriend on drug deal

3 men facing charges in relation to death
Complaint: Man shot, killed while accompanying girlfriend on drug deal
Dane County Sheriff's Office
Gary Mays, Travon Jackson, Joshua McInnis

A 20-year-old man was shot to death on March 12 while accompanying his girlfriend on a drug deal, according to a criminal complaint.

Three men are facing charges in relation to the Fitchburg homicide. Gary C. Mays, 18, and Joshua B. McInnis, 17, and Travon A. Jackson, 19, are accused in the death of 20-year-old Julian J. Patterson, according to court records.

Patterson arrived at 5154 Anton Drive in a silver minivan with his girlfriend, Kharyhana Martin. Martin told officials she was there because she had arranged to deliver $700 worth of marijuana — about 3 ounces — to a man she knew as “YC,” who would later be identified as Jackson, according to a criminal complaint.

When Martin and Patterson arrived at the residence, Martin said there was a significant delay in response messages from Jackson. Martin threatened to leave the apartment if Jackson did not come out of the apartment soon, according to Facebook messages officials seized from Martin’s phone.

Complaint: Man shot, killed while accompanying girlfriend on drug deal

Jackson did not come out to meet Martin but stayed in communication by phone. Mays and McInnis met her in the lobby, and then the group proceeded with the drug deal inside the minivan, according to the complaint.

During the transaction, a fight broke out and McInnis displayed a handgun. Martin described the gun to law enforcement officials as grayish-green in color with a laser attached to it. During the fight McInnis told Martin to give him the marijuana.

Mays also started to search Patterson’s pockets and hit Patterson while McInnis pointed the gun at him. Patterson was able to open the door and run to the outside parking lot near the minivan. Patterson told Martin to hand over the marijuana and the two men took it.

Martin told officials that Patterson was knocked to the ground and McInnis fired one shot. Autopsy results from the Dane County medical examiner showed that Patterson died of gunshot wounds to the arm and torso.

McInnis admitted to law enforcement officials that he had brought the gun with the intent of robbing Martin and said he shot Patterson one time. After the shooting, McInnis told law enforcement he got rid of the gun by throwing it over a fence toward some nearby apartments, according to the complaint.

Mays, McInnis and Jackson were in Dane County court Monday for their initial hearings. The cash bond for Mays and McInnis was set at $1 million. The two are charged with first-degree intentional homicide, according to court records.

The cash bond for Jackson, who was not present during the killing, was set at $200,000. Jackson is facing charges for felony murder and armed robbery, according to court records.

All three men are also facing separate charges of intentional child abuse in relation to a fight at the Fitchburg Super Target in December. Cash bond has been set at $5,000 for Mays, McInnis and Jackson.

Complaint: Man shot, killed while accompanying girlfriend on drug deal