Complaint: Madison doctor, husband shot by daughter’s boyfriend

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison doctor and her husband were shot and killed last month by their daughter’s boyfriend, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in the case.

Khari Sanford and Ali’jah Larrue, both 18 of Madison, are charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the deaths of Dr. Beth Potter and Robin Carre.

The bodies of Potter, 52, Carre, 57, were found in the UW Arboretum on March 31. A woman who lives near the Arboretum reported hearing gunshots around 11:15 p.m. the night before, the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Potter and Carre had recently moved their daughter and Sanford into an Air BNB apartment. Potter, who had a medical condition that put her at risk during the coronavirus pandemic, was concerned the younger couple was not following proper social distancing guidelines during the pandemic, the complaint said.

The couple’s daughter told detectives Sanford had been with her the night before her parents were discovered, but surveillance video shows their vehicle was spotted around Madison, the complaint said. The vehicle was a white van which was registered to Carre. According to the complaint, video from a camera system on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus also shows the white van traveling on campus.

Police also said cell phone records indicate Potter and Carre’s daughter called Sanford on March 30 and sent him text messages that indicated they were apart.

A friend and high school classmate of the younger couple was interviewed by detectives. The friend said he overheard a discussion between Potter and Carre’s daughter and Sanford about ideas on how to get money.  According to the complaint, the friend said Sanford’s girlfriend mentioned her parents had “bands” of money and were rich.

The same friend told detectives that Ali’Jah Larrue was with Sanford on March 30. Detectives said GPS data from Larrue’s phone placed the teen near the Arboretum the night of the shooting.

The friend said Sanford appeared “frantic” while at his house on March 31. Sanford reportedly called Larrue while at his friend’s house and talked about the shooting, the complaint said. The friend told detectives Sanford confessed to the the shooting and said Larrue was with him.

Detectives said the friend was able to provide specific details of the shooting that had not been released to the public.

Someone living near the Air BNB where Potter and Carre’s daughter and Sanford were staying also talked with police. The neighbor said they captured video showing a white van entering the neighborhood and two people throwing items into a wooded area.

Officers found a crumpled up piece of mail addressed to Potter and a cell phone that appeared to have been purposefully broken in the woods, according to the complaint.

Sanford and Larrue had their initial court hearings on Tuesday. The prosecutor in the case said this started as a burglary, turned into a kidnapping and ended in murder.

Potter and Carre’s daughter has not been charged in this case.