Complaint: Jakubowski’s sister finds apology letter to gun shop owner

Complaint: Jakubowski’s sister finds apology letter to gun shop owner

Official charges have been filed in Rock County against Joseph Jakubowski who was seen leaving a gun store last week with a duffel bag filled with 18 stolen firearms, according to court documents.

Jakubowski is wanted in connection with the burglary Tuesday at Armageddon, a gun shop in Janesville. Jakubowski’s vehicle was found on fire less than a half-hour after the burglary, officials said. He’s also made threats to schools, law enforcement and government, police say. A nationwide, multiagency manhunt was launched Thursday to find Jakubowski, and area schools, churches and government buildings have taken extra safety precautions.

Milwaukee division FBI Special Agent in Charge Justin Tolomeo said Tuesday afternoon that the reward is now $20,000, doubled from the original $10,000, for information leading to the successful location of Jakubowski.

According to a criminal complaint, Jakubowski broke the gun shop’s front door and then, after not being able to unlock it or kick it down, dove head first through the broken glass to get in.

Officials said Jakubowksi stole 18 guns, including a fully automatic M-16 rifle and other long guns and handguns. He also took several boxes of ammunition and two gun silencers.

According to the complaint, Jakubowski lived with his sister, but moved out the morning of the burglary. As she was cleaning out his room, she found a draft of an apology letter to a gun shop owner.

“In the letter, the defendant explained that he wanted to purchase the guns to protect himself and his family, but as a felon he was not allowed to do so,” the criminal complaint said. “The defendant apologized to the gun shop owner for the theft of the weapons and thanked the gun shop owner for protecting the Second Amendment rights of the citizens.”

Jakubowski was formally charged Tuesday with burglary to arm himself with a dangerous weapon, felony theft and possession of burglarious tools.

A spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker told News 3 Tuesday out of an “abundance of caution” his office is calling local media outlets to notify them about events rather than sending a press release.