Complaint: Family suspicious of babysitter puts tape recorder in toddler’s pocket

58-year-old accused of abusing 2 toddlers
Complaint: Family suspicious of babysitter puts tape recorder in toddler’s pocket
Peggy S. Timmerman, 58

A Lancaster woman is facing four felony counts of child abuse in connection with a toddler she babysits, officials said.

A criminal complaint filed in Grant County Wednesday accuses 58-year-old Peggy S. Timmerman of hitting a 2-year-old boy while she was babysitting the boy in December, January and February.

According to the complaint, the toddler came home with bruises on him and a bump on the head. The boy’s mother and older brother put an audio tape recorder in the boy’s jacket when he went to day care Friday. When they listened to the tape, they believed they heard a lady yelling at the boy to stop crying, then heard a slapping sound and the boy crying more loudly. According to the complaint, the recording made the mother and brother “sick” to listen to.

According to the report, when the boy’s mother asked him, he’s can’t tell them what happened or how he got the injuries, but on multiple occasions, he said, “Peggy hurt” and “Peggy ow.”

The complaint also accused Timmerman of biting one of the children in her care to show the child how it felt. Timmerman told one parent on Jan. 20 that their child had bitten an 8-month-old baby 12 times, and that Timmerman witnessed the child make one of the bites. Timmerman told the parent that the biting caused her to lose a client.

Timmerman also told a parent that the boy’s bump on the head was caused by another child who struck hime with plastic blocks while playing.

Three of the counts against Timmerman stem from injuries to a 2-year-old boy on Dec. 21, Feb. 1 and Friday. One count is in connection with the injury of another 2-year-old child on Jan. 19.

A signature bond was set at $1,000 Wednesday afternoon, according to court records. Timmerman was ordered not to have any contact with non-related children under 12 years old. Her next court date is Feb. 17 at 10:45 a.m. in Grant County court.