Complaint details Verona Road shooting that left two injured

Alvon Ladd

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison man charged in a shooting that left two people injured sold drugs to one of the victims, a criminal complaint alleges.

Alvon Ladd, 25, is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and one count of felon in possession of a firearm. The charges stem from an alleged shooting at a Verona Road Home Depot last month.

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The complaint alleges that, on December 22 at around 1:15 p.m., Ladd approached the two victims and shot at them while they were sitting in a truck in the Home Depot parking lot.

One victim, identified as KMD, suffered gunshot wounds to the torso and the other, identified as DLS, suffered gunshot wounds to the wrist.

Victims speak to police

Speaking to police at the scene, KMD said that she and DLS were waiting in the parking lot when an SUV pulled up next to them on the passenger side. A person then got out of the SUV and allegedly shot at them.

KMD told police that she knew the alleged shooter saying “I’ve done drug deals with him.” However, she did not know his name. She identified a second person in the SUV with the street name “Chop.”

Officers visited KMD at the hospital on the same day as the shooting. According to the complaint, she told them that she and DLS were waiting for her ex-boyfriend prior to the shooting.

According to the complaint, KMD said that a man exited the passenger side of the SUV with a gun and approached DLS, who was sitting on the passenger side of the truck. The man allegedly tried to open the truck door, at which point she tried to drive away, hearing a gunshot as she left. She parked at a nearby BP gas station, which is where police found her and DLS.

KMD reportedly told officers that she knew the man by the nickname “Rimrock,” and that she purchased drugs from him. The nickname was in reference to the street where the two met for drug purchases, according to the complaint. KMD reportedly told police that she sells pills for him as well. She also said that she bought drugs from “Chop.”

Officers told KMD that they were going to search her phone, at which point she said that she had planned to buy drugs from Chop before meeting with her ex-boyfriend in the Home Depot parking lot on the day of the shooting. She said that she did not know if Chop and the alleged shooter knew each other, but that Chop drove the SUV involved in the shooting.

According to the complaint, KMD said that the alleged shooter had ripped her off with “fake” drugs, so she ripped him off in return. She said that the incident happened two months before the shooting.

She also told police that she had the man’s phone number registered in her cell phone as “Rimrock.” That number was found to be associated with Ladd. According to the complaint, after showing KMD and DLS a picture of Ladd, both confirmed that he was the alleged shooter.

Speaking with police at the hospital, DLS said that KMD made arrangements to meet Chop at the Verona Road Home Depot on the day of the shooting, according to the complaint.

He and KMD waited in the parking lot for about 5-10 minutes before the suspect SUV showed up. He reportedly told officers that he had seen Ladd before and that Ladd had been yelling something prior to the shooting. He reportedly claimed that Ladd shot at them 15-20 times.

Police examine phone records

According to the complaint, police found contacts named “Chop” and “Rimrock Guy” on KMD’s phone. The number associated with “Rimrock Guy” belonged to Ladd. The number associated with “Chop” belonged to someone identified as DDH.

Phone records show that, on the day of the shooting, KMD texted DDH “Come to home depo.” She also called DDH three times prior to the shooting. KMD also texted Ladd multiple times throughout November. According to the complaint, Ladd texted KMD on November 29 allegedly threatening to kill her and blow up her mother’s house unless she gave him money.

Ladd speaks to police

According to the complaint, Ladd spoke to police on January 10, telling them that he does not go outside. He said that he does not like guns, and denied involvement in the shooting. He reportedly said that he does not use drugs, except for occasionally smoking weed, and that he did not use pills.

Ladd said he knew three people named Chop. Police then showed him a photo of DDH. Ladd reportedly said he knew DDH, but that he was not Chop. Ladd said he did not have a phone number for DDH and had only seen him twice in his life. A search of DDH’s phone showed that he and Ladd communicated 9 times between November 25 and December 28, according to the complaint.

Ladd told police that he had gone to Janesville on the day of the shooting, and didn’t return until the next day, according to the complaint. He then changed his story, saying he didn’t go to Janesville but rather Subway before going to McDonald’s.

Police asked Ladd about the threatening message allegedly sent to KMD. According to the complaint, he asked police if the message could be read as someone playing around instead of an actual threat.

In an initial hearing a the Dane County Court Tuesday, Ladd’s cash bond was set at $75,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 3.