Complaint: Baraboo woman plotted to kill lover’s wife

Woman charged with attempted homicide, stalking
Complaint: Baraboo woman plotted to kill lover’s wife

A Baraboo woman accused of stalking and plotting to kill her lover’s wife appeared in Columbia County Circuit Court on Monday.

Stephanie McMillen, 43, has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and stalking.

Court documents said McMillen had an affair with a co-worker, and the worker’s wife had filed a restraining order against McMillen.

A criminal complaint said that McMillen donned sunglasses, a wig and a bandanna and drove a rented vehicle to the victim’s home on Sept. 10.

Using the ruse of a lost cat, McMillen tried to lure the victim to a pond in a wooded area near the back yard, but the victim felt scared, went home and called police, according to the complaint.

The complaint said Columbia County detectives discovered morphine missing from the hospital where McMillen worked, and that her computer records indicated she searched the Internet for “lethal dose of morphine,” just days before showing up at the alleged stalking victim’s home.