Complaint: 12 child pornography images, involving preteens, found in email of former MSCR director

Court documents are providing more information about why the former executive director of Madison School and Community Recreation faces child pornography charges.

Jacob D. Tisue, 44, of McFarland, has been charged with 12 counts of child pornography.

Tisue was the executive director of Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR), an organization that provides health, sporting, and artistic opportunities for residents of the Madison Metropolitan School District and surrounding communities. According to school district employees, Tisue was removed from his position Thursday.

Detectives with the McFarland Police Department received a tip in July from the Internet Crimes Against Children data system regarding a Yahoo email account containing images of nude, preteen girls engaged in sexual activity with adult men.

According to the criminal complaint, the tip was initially reported from Yahoo! Inc. to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), since it involved a Yahoo email address belonging to a Jake Port, which was accessed near or in McFarland.

As they investigated, detectives found a link between the Jake Port account and another belonging to Tisue.

Both accounts had a phone number listed ending in the same numbers, according to the criminal complaint. Detectives were then able to determine that the phone number belonged to Tisue.

Detective Mike Klementz can’t comment on Tisue’s case in particular, but said cyber tips coming from NCMEC provide a great starting point.

“In many cases, we probably wouldn’t be aware of that activity if not for the tip,” Klementz said. “We can’t charge you based what’s in a cyber tip. We have to get that information independently in order to confirm what was in there. In many cases, we’re getting additional email accounts or additional pieces of information that help with an arrest and a prosecution later on down the line, too.”

In Tisue’s emails, detectives found 48 pictures depicting child erotica and 12 images of child pornography as defined by Wisconsin law. They believe the images contained girls 13 years or younger, according to the criminal complaint.

Detectives contacted Tisue at his office at the MSCR main building on Regent Street in Madison in August and asked him about the images.

Tisue told detectives he found the images on Tumblr in a photo sharing platform, according to the complaint.

The complaint also said Tisue saved the photos to his phone, then emailed them to himself, so they would not be on his device.

Tisue told detectives that he started looking for images of young women in bikinis and that it “escalated over time,” according to the complaint. He also said he had only begun looking at images of naked girls on the site within the past year.

Tisue told detectives that his accounts were used “solely by me,” according to the criminal complaint. He said he started the account for Yahoo! Fantasy football and that Jake Port was the name he used on the account because it was “not my real name.”

Detectives asked Tisue about a specific photo in the email, one of a juvenile female at the McFarland House Cafe. Tisue told detectives that he did not know the girl, but said, “I might have taken it,” when asked who took the photo, according to the criminal complaint. He then told detectives he did not recall taking it, according to the criminal complaint. The document indicates that Tisue also said he has never spoken to the girl in the photo, and that he might have been taking a photo of something else at the cafe.

Detectives asked Tisue how old he thought the girl was. He said, “She’s pretty young, 10.”

If convicted, Tisue faces at least three years in prison.

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