Company to add 286 jobs to Madison location

Company growth, state incentives help company expand 40-employee location
Company to add 286 jobs to Madison location
Reed Hall, CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

A company is adding close to 300 workers to its Madison location through growth of existing clients, bringing in new clients, and with state incentives, according to a release.

SPi Global Madison (Laserwords) provides call center services for a Fortune 200 client selling Internet and television packages across the country, officials said.

Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Secretary Reed Hall toured Laserwords’ Madison call center Tuesday. The company plans to add 286 workers to its 40-employee location thanks to incentives from the WEDC and DWD.

WEDC awarded Laserwords $375,000 in economic development tax credits to create 286 new jobs and keep 40 existing jobs in Madison, according to the release. Laswerwords is also investing $1.2 million in capital improvements to its facility.

“WEDC is pleased that Laserwords is demonstrating its commitment to Madison and the state of Wisconsin by embarking on this expansion,” Hall said. “Their decision to remain here and bring nearly 300 jobs to the region over the next three years is a vote of confidence in the Wisconsin economy.”

DWD awarded Laserwords a Wisconsin Fast Forward grant of $198,026 to train 250 new employees in inbound sales training, assessment of customer issues and utilization of call center management technology, officials said. Trainees will have the opportunity to advance onward from entry-level positions, paying $11 to $30 an hour based on experience.

“The Laserwords story is an example of how economic development, workforce development and other partners are helping Wisconsin’s private sector create jobs and moving our state’s economy forward,” Newson said. “Through a nimble and responsive approach to job growth and economic development, the Walker administration is advancing an agenda from which Wisconsin communities and families will benefit for years to come.”