Community responds to President Trump visiting Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wis. — Despite being asked to reconsider his decision to visit Kenosha, President Donald Trump made his way to the city Tuesday.

Members of the community had mixed reactions to the president visiting in the midst of a healing process.

Lifetime Kenosha resident Gayle Swanson said, “I’m really glad that he’s here. I feel that he is supporting the citizens of this city.”

Meanwhile, Kenosha resident Maddie Mattson said Trump “can stay out of Kenosha permanently.”

Ask anyone around the city how they felt about Trump being in Kenosha, and you’ll hear different reactions.

Kenosha resident Mark Wheeler said, “I think any time the president visits anywhere it’s a good thing.”

Kenosha resident Joquin Gomez said he disagrees and says that Trump “waves this flag of hate.”

Wheeler said Trump “isn’t that bad.”

“If you listen to him and you watch what he has done, he’s helped all Americans. I think he loves all Americans,” Wheeler said.

Even though not everyone agreed on what the president’s visit would accomplish, everyone agreed on one thing: Kenosha needs to heal.

“I think that the potential for the president to heal people here is strong,” Wheeler said.

Swanson said, “I think the people of this town only have peace on their minds, they only want the town to come back to the way it was before.”