Community remembers 4 years after Lake Delton draining

Heavy rains caused lake to flood, empty into Wis. River
Community remembers 4 years after Lake Delton draining

The Lake Delton community will mark the fourth anniversary of lake’s devastating draining this weekend.

Four years ago, heavy rain caused Lake Delton to flood and erode the lake basin and sidewalls after a dam broke.  The lake left its banks carrying flood and lake water, and homes and summer businesses down the Wisconsin River. The flood destroyed five homes, part of Highway A and emptied the lake.

Nearly one year after homeowners had their land and houses demolished or swept away in the draining, families filed a claim for $1.3 million in a civil lawsuit against the village of Lake Delton.

They said the village failed to take proper actions before and during the event. The disaster could have been stopped.

The lake was refilled one year after the draining.

The cleanup, rebuilding of County Highway A and a dam, and restocking the lake cost just under $10 million.

Some of those costs were picked up by the federal government.