Community reacts to Tony Robinson case settlement

Community reacts to Tony Robinson case settlement

Around the country, the actions of police often provoke heated debate. The issue hit close to home in Wisconsin when 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot and killed by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny.

“We need to know that our children will be able to go out into the world and if they get into some sort of mishap, that they’ll be able to come home at night,” M Adams said.

Adams is the co-executive director for Freedom Inc., a Madison organization that works to end violence against minority groups. She said she had a bittersweet feeling after the news came out about the $3.35M settlement in the Tony Robinson case.

“We are supportive of the family getting any sort of support to help try and move together and piece their lives together,” Adams said.

On the other end of the discussion, David Blaska said he is completely against the city’s decision.

“I think it sends just a terrible message. I mean, it’s a lot of, to be honest, a lot of terrible, white, liberal guilt,” Blaska said.

Blaska has been a longtime supporter of our men and women in blue, and recently organized a “Support Madison Police” yard sign campaign. He feels strongly this settlement undermines the officer’s and the department’s actions.

“It only winds up, I think, hurting a very vulnerable population in our community by saying they’re victims, when this person acted irresponsibly and that police officer acted responsibly,” Blaska said.

Even though it’s for different reasons, both sides want to see something other than money solve this case.

“I think it’s going to be destructive. It’s not going to heal, it’s going to destroy,” Blaska said.

“We know that Tony Robinson was murdered and we need justice for his murder and not just a check,” Adams said.