Community members hold march, candlelight vigil to remember Tony Robinson

Community members hold march, candlelight vigil to remember Tony Robinson
Community members march down E Washington Ave. on two-year anniversary of the death of Tony Robinson.

Monday marks the two-year anniversary of the shooting death of Tony Robinson. The 19-year-old was unarmed when he was shot by Madison police officer Matt Kenny in 2015. To remember his death, community members came together on Madison’s near East Side for a march and candlelight vigil.

Many of those who marched alongside Robinson’s family said they’re still hurting.

“It’s painful. It’s very painful,” said Doris King.

King is a nearby neighbor of the Robinsons and knew Tony well.

“He was my son’s best friend, so he was in my home a lot growing up. I feel the same as the family,” King said.

She said she considered Tony a gentle person who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“When the boys called the police, he needed help. He didn’t need to be dead. He needed help from the Madison Police Department, and they just did not look at him as a person. They looked at him as a big black man that could potentially do harm to them, which he couldn’t have,” King said.

King, alongside nearly 200 others, carried their pain down East Washington Ave., hoping to send a message to the Madison Police Department.

“We want justice for him, really,” said Michael Walton.

Walton helped organize Monday’s anniversary march and said that specifically, they want to see officer Kenny off the force.

“(Officer Kenny) said ‘Police!’ at the last minute. He should have said that when he first went up in the building and waited for back-up. I just feel like he wasn’t doing his job,” Walton said.

Those who continue to support the Robinson family said they’ll keep doing their job to fight for what’s right.

“Everybody out here cares about them, and we aren’t going to let this go away until she gets justice for her son,” Walton said.