Community group helps clean up Reindahl Park homeless encampment

MADISON, Wis. — The Reindahl Park encampment on Madison’s east side has gotten mixed reviews from people in the city with some in its neighborhood wanting it gone.

Earlier in September, the city’s common council passed a resolution to have it moved to a new space on Dairy Drive, but a group that gathered Sunday wants the encampment to stay put.

The group, which was made up of volunteers, advocates and people who have experienced homelessness, were working together to bring a sense of humanity to those calling the encampment home.

“It’s not about making a mess,” said social worker and CAARE member Pearl Foster. “It’s the fact they have access to things like trash bags or that these trash cans are spilling over in the wind and creating more of a mess.”

Volunteers said Sunday that once they were given trash bags and gloves, the people staying at Reindahl Park were more than willing to do their part.