Community donates $1,500 to DCHS after break-in

Community donates $1,500 to DCHS after break-in
A front window had been shattered at the Dane County Humane Society and a donation box was carried outside and smashed Aug. 20, the organization said.

The Dane County Humane Society said community donations have totaled more than $1,500 since reporting a break-in and robbery Wednesday.

The DCHS shelter at 5132 Voges Road was broken into sometime overnight Tuesday, officials said. A donation box was also carried outside and smashed.

Gayle Viney, public relations coordinator for DCHS, said the animals were safe and unharmed. The amount of money taken was unclear.

Since the break-in and theft, the DCHS has received positive comments, donations and offers to help repair the shattered window and smashed donation box, Viney said.

“It reminds us that the majority of the world is kind, and compassionate and that the negative actions of a few misguided people will not stop our good work,” said Viney.