Community comes together for farmer’s final harvest

For farmers, it’s a busy time of the year: It’s harvest season.

Mike Lindloff of Sauk Prairie was the sixth generation to be farming the original Hatz Farm that’s been in his family since 1844.

He was also a proud Sauk Prairie FFA alumni member and supporter.

Two weeks ago, he passed away in an accident while doing his evening chores. Community comes together for farmer’s final harvest

None of his corn or soybean fields had been harvested.

But the seeds he had sown in the community over the years produced an abundant harvest of care, support and friendship.

I saw proof of that when photojournalist, Kathy King, and I went to Sauk Prairie last week.

Mike’s friends, farmers and otherwise, came together to harvest his fields.

All of them.

Community comes together for farmer’s final harvest

The display of respect and honor to this man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, farmer was enough to fill the hundreds of acres of land Mike tended to his entire life.

Combines and trucks danced together with grace on a cool and sunny October morning with a single goal: Harvest the fields for Mike and his family.

Of course, it didn’t go as smoothly as everyone had hoped. Combines broke down costing thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs but that didn’t stop anyone from getting this final chore done for Mike.Community comes together for farmer’s final harvest

This isn’t just a “Do Something Good” story, this is about how farmers stick together, lifting spirits in a sad situation, keeping hope alive and in my opinion, the heart of a farmer.

This is about how a community becomes a family.

Love your neighbors.
Be kind.
And Do Something Good.Community comes together for farmer’s final harvest

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