Committee upholds expulsion recommendation for Alec Cook

Committee upholds expulsion recommendation for Alec Cook

A University of Wisconsin-Madison committee has upheld the recommendation to expel Alec Cook from the university for violating university student conduct policies, according to a release.

Cook, 20, faces a total of 21 charges that include strangulation, sexual assault, stalking and false imprisonment involving 10 women dating back to March 2015. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in February.

UW officials said a non-academic misconduct hearing committee found Cook responsible for violating student conduct policies related to a crime of violence and upheld the recommendation of expulsion from UW-Madison.

Cook’s attorneys, Chris Van Wagner and Jessa Nicholson, said the decision to expel Cook is not final until the appeal period is up.

“We are assuredly appealing to the chancellor as the disciplinary process envisions,” Van Wagner and Nicholson said in a state. “We are not going to discuss the evidence presented at that hearing, which was on Friday Feb. 24. We are going to honor the educational privacy restrictions even if they chose not to with this press release.”

According to the release, either party may appeal to Chancellor Rebecca Blank by March 24.