Committee pushing Madison to transition to 100 percent renewable energy

The Sustainable Madison Committee is meeting Monday night to talk about the feasibility of funding a big, green goal for the city. It will talk about how to fund solar projects to help Madison’s goal of transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy.

Last year, Madison became only the 25th city in the continent to declare its green goal.

The committee hopes to achieve zero net carbon emissions by working together with the community to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy, and efficient transportation. It says initial contracts to make this happen would cost nearly $1.4 million, but eventually, the initiative would pay for itself and then some, generating more than $20 million for the city.

The committee is working on a blueprint of how to achieve total sustainability. Among the plans, it’d install 40,000 solar panels which would produce enough power for 2,500 Wisconsin households. It’d also establish 70 acres of pollinator-friendly habitat beneath the solar panels. The committee says the goal is cost effective and would help support rural communities, too, which could feed off Madison’s energy-saving network.

The public meeting starts at 4:30 p.m. in room 357 of the City-County Building.