Commission wants to create local historical downtown district in Stoughton to preserve its history

STOUGHTON, Wis. — The city of Stoughton is working to protect its historic downtown district.

The 67 buildings included in that district now are already registered as historic landmarks nationally and with the state, but a local historic registry would help save the look of the downtown area.

A new commission is making plans to take over the area and make sure that any new buildings or changes in the future keep the look of their downtown district.

Their plan would be to take all the buildings and group them into one district where everyone is following the same set of rules on what types of changes they can make.

Doing so would preserve the historic and unique look here in downtown Stoughton.

The commission said they are not trying to make it impossible for building owners to make changes, but rather they are just trying to make sure those changes are appropriate and have a uniform look.

“A landmark’s ordinance protects the historic building and the historic materials,” said landmarks commission member Peggy Veregin. “So if that historic material is repairable, then they’re going to repair it. We are not going to approve removing that historic material unless it’s not repairable.”

They will have one more public input meeting on this before the commission will review and approve it. Final approval will be made by City Council.

The commission said they haven’t been met with much opposition from business owners, but if there are people who are not in favor of the proposed plans, they advise you go to the next meeting so your voice can be heard.