Colectivo unionization votes to be counted Tuesday

Colectivo coffee on Monroe street

MADISON, Wis.– Employees from Colectivo Coffee voted on whether to unionize via mail in March, the votes will be counted Tuesday.

Organizers said that they felt out of control of their schedule and working conditions during the pandemic, which inspired them to pursue unionization.

Colectivo employee, Scott Brown, said, “If you do have a winning number of yes votes, that means that there is something–that the workers are saying ‘hey I so desperately want for this to change, I need this to be fixed.'”

The coffee chain has three locations in Madison and 17 storefronts in Chicago and Milwaukee.

Workers began filling out authorization cards to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers last fall. Enough cards were collected that a vote was called.

According to organizers, The National Labor Relations Board sent out mail-in ballots in early March that were due by March 30th.

They expect to count the ballots on Tuesday, with the results to be reported soon after.

If the vote passes, Colectivo would become the largest unionized coffee chain in the country.