Colectivo giving free coffee to nurses and teachers this week

In honor of national appreciation days, teachers will get a free cup of Colectivo coffee on May 3, and nurses will get a free coffee on May 6.
Photo by Marissa Worzella

Colectivo Coffee Roasters will celebrate teachers and nurses this week with free coffee in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day and National Nurses Day, which are both celebrated this week.

Teachers who visit Colectivo Coffee on Tuesday, May 3 will receive a free medium brewed cup of brewed coffee. On National Nurses day, Friday, May 6, nurses can pick up a free medium brewed cup of coffee at Colectivo Coffee. Teachers and nurses can visit any Colectivo Coffee location to receive their free cup of coffee.

“Our communities depend on the talent and energy of teachers and nurses to guide inspire and heal,” says the Vice President of Branding, Marketing & E-Commerce, Megan Suardini, in the news release. “Words can’t value describe how much we value these dedicated professionals, but we hope some complimentary Colectivo Coffee can provide a small token of appreciation.”

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