Cold weather changes pool plans for some swimmers

Janesville lifeguards show safety video, opt of out lesson in pool
Cold weather changes pool plans for some swimmers

An empty swimming pool is not what you would expect to see in the month of July, but with Tuesday’s colder temperatures, swimmers exchanged their swimsuits for sweatshirts.

“They didn’t even put their swimsuits on because I was hoping they wouldn’t go in the water. It’s just too cold,” said Amber Turner, a parent of a Rockport swimming student.

It was too cold to teach swimming lessons in the pool, so lifeguards at Janesville’s Rockport Pool found an alternative way to teach Tuesday’s class.

“The kids are definitely disappointed. Especially, when they come for swim lessons because they are excited and ready to get in the water, but we have to be inside and watch a video,” head lifeguard Grace Vanveldhuisen said.

Vanveldhuisen showed a safety video to her students in place of their water lesson. However, if the colder temperatures continue, she said she will have to reschedule classes.

“Usually in July and August are our hotter months, so we usually expect busier days and we actually were supposed to have a camp come today through leisure services, but they canceled. So, it kind of stinks because a lot of things have to be canceled due to the weather,” Vanveldhuisen said.

Parents like Alicia Uecker, who were expecting to see their kids splash in the pool, said they were surprised by the turn in the weather.

“I thought for sure because we did it in July, we would have some really hot days where it felt nice to be in the pool. Apparently, that’s not the case this year,” Uecker said.

Uecker said this week she has even had to buy warmer clothing just for her daughter’s swim class.

“We bought this yesterday at Target, because she was freezing and standing, waiting for the diving board. She was just shaking so much and I felt so bad, but what can you do? It’s Wisconsin,” Uecker said.

Vanveldhuisen said during the hottest months of the summer they typically see around 300 people every day at the pool. Tuesday, Rockport only expected to see around 50 people.

The city of Janesville also has two wading pools. Those were both closed Tuesday due to the weather.