Coffee beans, candle create coffee shop scent at home

Coffee beans, candle create coffee shop scent at home

I’m not a huge fan of candles because I’m afraid I’m going to start my apartment (or my cat) on fire, and the smell never lasts as long as I want it to. So when I found a post on Pinterest that said my apartment would smell like a vanilla latte for a couple days I was skeptical.

But after trying it, I am happy one of our reporters, Leah Linscheid, convinced me to test it out! So the DIY post sounds really easy, but it ended up being more of a financial commitment than I had hoped. Basically you fill a glass container with some coffee beans and then put a vanilla candle in the middle. Once the candle warms up a bit, it is supposed to make the coffee beans smelly too.

I had one bigger glass container, but wanted to try it in a smaller one too so I headed to the Dollar Tree. I got a nice (nicer than the one I already had) glass container and two smaller pillar vanilla candles for $1 each. Those three things were a great deal, but what hit my weekly budget was the bag of coffee beans I needed to buy. I tried finding some generic brand of coffee beans, but all of the generic brands only offered ground coffee. When I started looking at actual coffee beans I had two options: buy a super tiny bag for $5 or buy a bigger bag (where I’d be able to use more than half of it to make actual coffee) for $8. I went with the bigger bag because it was a better deal in the long-run.

I ended up using less than half of the 32 oz. bag of coffee between my two containers. After burning the vanilla candles surrounded by coffee beans for only about 5 minutes I could smell the yummy vanilla and coffee blending together. The vanilla candles smelled great and the warmed coffee beans smelled just like freshly-brewed coffee! I let the candles burn (under a close, watchful eye) for a couple hours and then went to bed (after blowing them out, of course!).

DIY do or don’t? When I woke up the next morning my apartment did indeed still smell like vanilla coffee. The smell continued to linger as I made a chicken enchilada bake and some garlic, tomato pasta sauce for the week. I was also surprised to discover that after my two hours in the kitchen, I could still smell the coffee beans and vanilla as I decorated my apartment for Christmas. The smell definitely started to fade as day two continued on, but it lasted much longer than any regular candle I’ve ever used. Plus, the glass containers filled with coffee beans look nicer sitting on a table than just a candle.

— Hannah